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Sebelius The Latest In Long Line of Obama Apointee Tax Cheats

March 31, 2009

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is the latest in a long line of Obama cabinet appointees to have tax problems.  It seems that the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services has been forced to amend her tax returns from 2005 to 2007 to account for $7,000 in back-taxes plus interest.  Sebelius, known for her radical [...]

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Sebelius Appointment Represents Obama’s Radicalism

March 2, 2009

The appointment of Kathleen Sebelius to Secretary of Health and Human Services represents an insight into the radical designs of this administration in regards to health care.  Sebelius presents a major problem for Catholics and other Christians, as she is known for tight associations with Doctor George Tiller, an abortionist in Kansas on trial for [...]

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Obama Cabinet Limbo

February 2, 2009

Tom Daschle, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, apologized earlier today for failing to pay $120,000 in taxes.  Predictably, Obama is standing by his man in a way the voters of South Dakota did not in 2004. Oddly enough, the fact that a public official skipped out on paying his taxes [...]

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