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Health Insurance Costs

ObamaCare and Insurance Premiums

March 23, 2010

So it looks like ObamaCare is already having the desired impact on insurance premiums.  They are going up as anticipated, so far in one case as much as $2,400/year.  The Democrats want this, as they want insurance to get so expensive that people clamor for single payer, the ultimate government bailout.  Let’s see how this [...]

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What The ObamaCare Insurance Mandate Means

October 11, 2009

Wake up America.  The individual insurance mandate that will be imposed by ObamaCare means not only a lack of choice in how you spend your money, but also means that unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. will get to change the rules whenever it suits their whim.  This type of bad policy is already on display [...]

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Massachusetts Health Care Poses Warning for America

March 17, 2009

In 2006, Massachusetts enacted a form of universal health care, keeping private insurance, requiring all citizens to be insured, and offering a state-sponsored plan to low and middle-income people.  Now, three years later, the state of Massachusetts Health care presents a warning for the nation. Since being enacted, the Massachusetts Health plan has insured 440,000 [...]

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America, Here Is Socialized Medicine

September 22, 2008

There are many examples of failures of Socialized Medicine to look at when Americans look to Health Care Cost Solutions. The latest is in Massachussets.

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