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Goodbye, and Good Riddance, Helen Thomas

June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas retired today, leaving behind a 50+ year career in the White House Press Corps in disgrace.  Her retirement comes after remarks made last week in which she said that the Jews should all get out of Israel and go back to Poland and Germany.  For most Conservatives, Helen’s statement last week did not [...]

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Obama Shuts Down Helen Thomas

June 24, 2009

I have to admit, I do get a sense of satisfaction from anyone blowing off Helen Thomas, even if it is Obama.  While Obama was answering a question posed by another reporter about Iran, she tried to interupt to find out why he wouldn’t release photos of our Interrogation of prisoners.  Obama basically tells her [...]

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McClellan’s New Book

May 28, 2008

Former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written a book that apparently says nothing new about the Bush Administration:  Plame?  Been there (Richard Armitage, folks).  The Rove-Libby-Cheney Triumvirate of Evil?  Done That.  The government response to Katrina had flaws?  Yawn.  Bush actually at one point tried to sell his Iraq policy to the people?  I’m shocked!  [...]

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