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Depths of the Fed’s Bailouts Revealed

August 23, 2011

The scope of the Fed’s bailouts are revealed in this Bloomberg article from Sunday.  Be warned though, it elicits more nausea the longer you read it. Essentially, the bailouts were considerably more far-reaching than we were told, and despite nearly three years of new regulation, legislation, inconsequential hearings, and litigation, the fundamental reasons for the [...]

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AIG Bonus Outrage is a Distraction

March 18, 2009

The circus that  is the AIG Bonus Outrage is a typical Washington case of wag-the-dog.  The bonuses were retention bonuses to keep employees who were laid off as part of the AIG restructuring, but needed for a specified amount of time for a transition.  AIG was legally-required to pay these bonuses, and it was even [...]

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Bailout Timesuck

January 14, 2009

In the era of wasteful government bailouts comes a new timesuck, The Bailout Game, in which you get to play the part of Ben Bernanke at bailing out Wall Street! Have at it! H/T: NRO’s The Corner

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The Socialist Bailout Fiasco

November 12, 2008

Conservatives such as myself warned back in September that the Bailout Bill proposed by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, passed by Congress, and signed into law by President Bush, was a socialist disaster in the making.  The bill was supposedly passed to help shore up our nations credit and unfreeze the credit markets.  Aside [...]

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Newt and Dave Have a Plan

September 30, 2008

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has articulated a very simple immediate solution to the Wall Street crisis: end “mark-to-market” (or fair value) accounting practices which undervalues assets and solve 70% of the crisis today.  That’s why Paulson thinks he can use the $700 billion to buy these assets at 10 cents on the dollar and sell them [...]

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Let the Private Sector Fix the Economy

September 29, 2008

Hat tip to MrsSal for finding this one.  With the $700 Billing Bailout package looming, the Boston Globe reports today that investment firms such as Bain Capital want a chance to bid on the distressed assets that the government is planning to “bail out.“  From the article:  Boston’s Bain Capital and Bank of New York [...]

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