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Hippocratic Oath

Abortion Controversy at Mt. Sinai

July 27, 2009

A nurse, Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo, was forced to assist in a late-term, partial-birth abortion procedure at Mt. Sinai hospital on May 24th, even though she was ethically opposed to the procedure, being a devout Catholic and niece to a Filipino bishop.  Invoking the conscience clause (which protects people like her from participating in things like this), she asked [...]

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Obama Lifts Stem Cell Funding Ban

March 9, 2009

Obama is Brahma:  he is the Creator… of all that is good through the Stimulus. Obama is Vishnu:  he is the Sustainer… of his version of Liberal America through more government spending and controls. Obama is Shiva:  he is the Destroyer… not just of stock markets, but also of defenseless life through an executive order [...]

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