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Idaho Pro-Lifers Spread the Word, Through Ultrasound, that Life is Beautiful

March 22, 2012

A group of pro-lifers in Idaho, led by Brandi Swindell, have taken a novel approach to making the case in favor of the right to life: performing ultrasounds before an audience of women in the State Capitol. The pro-choice movement always tries to avoid discussing what an abortion actually does.  That’s because the most powerful [...]

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Planned Parenthood’s Fundraising Mess

March 16, 2008

The Advocate, a pro-life student magazine at UCLA, has been making phone calls to Planned Parenthood branches in seven states trying to embarrass and ultimately discredit the organization.  It’s the same tactic used by the ACLU and their ilk in looking for ways to discredit everything they can.  Yet, the lefties don’t like when you use their own tactics against [...]

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