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Jay Leno

Leno on the Mortgage Relief Plan

October 29, 2011

Not a good sign for any Democrat when the pop culture starts picking on you:

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ACORN Target on Late Night TV

September 19, 2009

Jay Leno had a little fun with ACORN last week on his new show.  Being that it’s on NBC, I’m pretty sure no one saw it so here’s snippet: If conservative values end up being defended at the expense of liberal ones in the popular culture, a sea-change is definitely underway.  What I mean is:  [...]

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Obama Knocks Those with Special Needs

March 21, 2009

Obama’s recent appearance on Leno was supposed to be a public relations fluff gig.  It hasn’t turned out that way.  Obama believes that he has to push his celebrity “cool” factor for some kind of connection with the other half.  Either that or deal with the mess we’re all in.  So, while knocking his ability to [...]

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