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Obama to Public: No Photos for You!

May 13, 2009

I completely agree with Obama’s decision to reverse his earlier decision on making hundreds of potential Abu Graib-like photos available to the public.  They would do no good during wartime except to foment more enemies, alienate those we’ve made progress with, and make our soldiers more appetizing targets for moderate jihadists (you know, those that [...]

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Sheldon Robinson, An American Hero

December 9, 2008

State Troopers have to deal with a lot, from belligerent drunk drivers to dealing with violent criminals, but one thing that they probably don’t expect to have to deal too much with is terrorism.  Trooper Sheldon Robinson was thrown into a terrorist situation in Oklahoma last week, and he performed heroically. Thursday, while off-duty, Robinson [...]

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Montgomery Co. Goes PC on Islam

June 8, 2008

Word came out about a decision by the Montgomery County Public School Council, in Maryland, that they will support a textbook that “adjusts” the definition of jihad and shariah law in order to give a more positive view of Islam to their middle and high school students in order to “avoid inconvenient truths.”  Take this pill, young [...]

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