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Tim Scott to Replace Jim DeMint

December 17, 2012

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley named conservative Congressman Tim Scott to replace the departing Jim DeMint in the Senate.  For those keeping track, Scott will be the seventh black senator in the history of the Senate and from South Carolina of all places!  Goes to show you how far things have come, if you care [...]

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Jim DeMint is Leaving the Senate

December 6, 2012

As if the situation for conservatives in Congress couldn’t get any worse, it just did.  Jim DeMint, South Carolina Senator and Tea Party bulwark in Congress, is resigning from the Senate in order to head the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.  DeMint should have waited until tomorrow, December 7, for this kind of bombshell [...]

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On the Verge of Victory, Republicans Channel Their Whig Roots

October 13, 2010

The Hill had a poll today which suggested that more than half of Americans are ready for a viable third party, but aren’t quite sure that the most obvious potential is their cup of “tea” (ha!). What’s disturbing about this poll (let’s entertain it for the time being) is that 55% of Republicans want the [...]

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DeMint on Term Limits

October 28, 2009

Sen. Jim DeMint recently penned an essay posted on his Senate website on the subject of term limits.  DeMint is planning to introduce a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits of two 6-year terms for Senators and three 2-year terms for Congressman.  In his short essay, DeMint talks about why term limits are needed and [...]

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FL Senate: The Battle of Endorsements

June 16, 2009

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) went against the Republican leadership today by endorsing Conservative Marco Rubio over the liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Crist for Florida’s 2010 Senate election.  Crist, who has been endorsed by Sen. John Cornyn and the NRSC, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain, is the establishment favorite.  Rubio, the former Florida Speaker of the [...]

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Omnibus Lands Bill Brings Out RINOs

January 12, 2009

Sen. Harry Reid kept the Senate in session over the weekend to invoke cloture on an Omnibus Lands Bill.  The bill, as described by the Heritage Foundation, would create 10 new protected areas, all overlapping with potential oil drilling sources.  It designates 2 million acres as “Heritage Areas” which would make them effectively wilderness that [...]

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It’s the Capitol Visitors Center that Stinks

December 3, 2008

By now you’ve heard Harry Reid’s unnecessarily bourgeois remark about the obnoxiously over-priced Capitol Visitor’s Center which will graciously prevent “smell[y] tourists” during the summer from disturbing his very important office work.  I’m starting to understand why the Bastille drew such a crowd back in the day. On the other hand, another Senator, Republican Jim [...]

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