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Senate Election Polling Shows Mixed Results

July 19, 2010

Some good news and some bad news still a few months out before Election Day. The good news:  in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Pat Toomey’s up 45-38% over Joe Sestak in the latest Rasmussen poll.  I’d say “Keep up the good work, PA” but Pennsylvania loves to disappoint Republicans.  We’ll see how this plays out. [...]

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Setting the Record Firmly Crooked on the Sestak Affair

May 28, 2010

Yesterday, Bill Clinton and President Obama had lunch (I wonder if arugula was served…). Well, magically, Clinton’s name suddenly appears in the Sestak Affair today!  Obviously, the lunch was to get their stories straight before Obama’s people could come clean on this issue. So, in Obama’s latest document dump the Friday before a long holiday [...]

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Obama on Sestak: “Nothing Improper Took Place”

May 27, 2010

So said President Obama during a press conference earlier today: So, of course, we believe him wholeheartedly.  However, there’s just one thing:  Sestak admits that he was offered a job in exchange for getting out of the recent Pennsylvania primary against Benedict Arlen Specter.  Sestak didn’t get out, but the offer was made nonetheless.  That’s [...]

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