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$500k of Stimulus Went Straight to MSNBC

August 22, 2012

According to the Labor Department, nearly $500,000 of your tax money went to MSNBC for green-job promoting advertisements on both Olbermann and Maddow’s shows back in 2009 as part of the Stimulus.  These ads played 14 times a week for two months.  The Labor Department defends the expense, citing that the department delegated these kinds [...]

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Keith Olbermann — For Senate???!!

January 24, 2011

Daily Kos contributors, unhappy with Olbermann’s unceremonious exit from MSNBC are now mounting a campaign to draft Kieth Olbermann (Nutjob-CT) for Senate.  Now, a part of me wants to go into Operation Chaos mode and wholeheartedly support Olbermann for Senate.  It will provide much comedic gold throughout the 2012 campaign season, and makes it possible [...]

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Hitler Reacts to Olbermann’s Departure

January 22, 2011

Well, you knew it was coming.  Here’s the video of Hitler reacting to Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC. I disagree with those who are tired of the Hitler videos.  They never get old. Hat tip:  Greg Pollowitz

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Keith Olbermann and the Final Countdown

January 21, 2011

I didn’t actually see the announcement, but let’s be honest, no one else did either.  Nevertheless, it happened.  Keith Olbermann is leaving MSNBC.  No more Countdown. It’s tough to say why Olbermann is leaving.  Countdown was the struggling network’s highest rated program.  If the issue is ratings, then every other program should have been shelved [...]

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John Gibson: “The Rules Apply Both Ways.”

June 2, 2009

Keith Olbermann is already trying to blame this weekend’s murder of George Tiller on the case pro-lifers make against legalized abortion in an effort to avoid discussing what abortion actually is.  In this case, talk show hosts at the low-ratings nutwork are blaming Bill O’Reilly’s coverage of Tiller’s abortion practices for Tiller’s murder.  Well, kudos [...]

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McCain Does SNL and Olbermann’s Best Episode Ever

November 2, 2008

After losing to Bill Clinton in 1996, Bob Dole appeared on Saturday Night Live and won rave reviews for making fun of himself and the process.  Conventional wisdom at the time was that if Dole had displayed that kind of humor before the election, the race would have been much closer.  Even Bill Clinton admitted [...]

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Gwen Ifill – Obama Disciple

October 1, 2008

The Vice-Presidential Debate is this Thursday between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, and moderated by Gwen Ifill.  While it is common knowledge that most members of the media are in the tank for Obama, some are more obvious about it than others.  Gwen Ifill falls in the Chris Matthews/Keith Olbermann camp.  Michelle Malkin chronicles [...]

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