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Kirsten Powers

Is the Left Finally Seeing Obama’s Incompetence?

May 24, 2010

At least Fox News liberal correspondent Kirsten Powers is.  Recently on Fox News opposite the always-pithy Ann Coulter, Powers described the Obama Administration’s response to the BP oil spill as “not about campaign donations” but “about incompetence.” Now, any chance we’ll see similar statements in the State-Run media, such as AP?  Nah… H/T: Gateway Pundit

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Alan Colmes Leaving Hannity & Colmes

November 24, 2008

Alan Colmes has announced that he will leave Hannity & Colmes after 12 years of reading laundry lists of Democrat party talking points while his guests try to speak.  He will remain with the network. Although he seems like a decent fellow, I can’t say I’ll miss Colmes.  His debate style consisted of nothing more [...]

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