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Larry Kudlow

Is Delaying Obamacare Good or Bad for the GOP?

October 26, 2013

Now that the grandstanding has subsided and the Obama Administration has won their glorious roll-out of Obamacare, what is a Republican to do?  With Democrats lining up to push for a delay, a coalition in the Senate may emerge with enough votes to delay the individual mandate until after the 2014 Election.  That would be [...]

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Buchanan’s Finger in the Wind

October 18, 2008

Pat Buchanan believes that an Obama Nation would be one at war with itself.  In his latest article, Southern Florida’s pretty popular 2000 Election Reform Party candidate, expresses his opinion that since America is still a center-right nation, an Obama Nation lurching towards the Left would constantly be struggling with its identity versus that of the whole [...]

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The Financial Mess

September 16, 2008

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers to Bankruptcy, and with Merrill Lynch being absorbed by Bank of America, our financial system is foremost on many people’s minds this week.  Add to that the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac last week, and the Bear Sternes collapse earlier this year, and we have a [...]

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