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Still a Center-Right Nation

August 18, 2009

We can still continue to thank Ronald Reagan for his great success in turning “liberal” into a bad word in American politics.  Not only that, but Reagan’s success in promoting a conservative agenda set the basic political atmosphere we have lived under for nearly three decades. Remember how the Democrats were the Whigs after the [...]

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Conservatism Lives in 2009!

June 15, 2009

Gallup has issued the results of a massive poll indicating that Americans still identify themselves as a center-right country, with 40% of respondents identifying themselves as “conservative,” plus another 35% as “moderate.”  That’s roughly 75% of the country either in the political Center or the Right (read: not liberal).  Of course, you’ll always have a good chunk [...]

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Bring Back The L Word

March 2, 2009

During the past few months, I’ve argued that conservatives overuse the word “socialism.”  That’s not to say the word shouldn’t be used when describing certain policies from time to time.  When discussing health care for example, few words better describe the Democrats’ goal of government control than “socialism.”  Using the word as a blanket description [...]

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Chris Matthews is a Parody of Himself

November 6, 2008

Chris Matthews almost likes pretending to be an objective journalist as much as he likes thinking people actually believe he is. Despite Matthews’ best efforts, both of his regular viewers and all those who have heard of Hardball know that Matthews is in the tank for the One. Take this interview Matthews conducted with Barack [...]

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The Real Hatred is on the Left

October 12, 2008

The Media over the last few days has been decrying the so-called hatred and vitriolic comments coming from the right.  While there are certainly some instances of this, it is few and far between, and doesn’t exist among the majority of Conservatives.  In fact, the media is overblowing the comments of people at McCain / Palin [...]

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