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George Will on Liberal’s Anger

October 10, 2013

I was thumbing through RCP this morning when I bumped in to George Will’s latest piece entitled, “When Liberals Became Scolds.”  In it, he echoes James Piereson’s concept of “punitive liberalism” which is impacting those selected areas shut down by the federal government lately.  George Will traces this attitude to the left’s reaction to the [...]

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The Liberal Life of Julia

May 6, 2012

Earlier this week the Obama camp put out this slideshow called “The Life of Julia” basically admitting that the left is intent on creating and maintaining a cradle-to-grave-society with Obama at the center of the universe. The slideshow is so ideologically pure and worthy of parody that even the New York Times couldn’t help but [...]

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Liberal/Progressives: Obama’s Not Doing Enough

July 12, 2010

Here’s a piece from the Politico which is highly revealing.  It describes the reasons why the liberal/progressives among are upset at the Obama Nation, in their own words.  Some libs are even experiencing “despair,” which is funny because the Democrats have had more institutional power over the last 18 months than at any time since [...]

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What to do with a Bad Poll with a Great Outcome

February 26, 2010

I kind of experienced what it must be like to be a Lib today when I read that in a CNN poll, 56% of the American people believe that “the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans.” “But wait!” you say, “that’s not a Liberal position!” No, but it is a poll of [...]

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Beck on the Progressives Post-Brown

January 20, 2010

Yesterday, I was watching Beck when he made an interesting point about moving forward from Scott Brown’s glorious election in Massachusetts yesterday.  Run-of-the-mill Democrats would know how to react to Brown’s victory; they’d run to the middle and try to depict themselves as reasonable moderates who went astray and now got the message.  However, we [...]

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Was Hillary Right?

December 11, 2009

One of Hillary’s campaign mantras in the 2008 Democrat Primary was that Barack Obama lacked the experience necessary to govern.  Liberals are now wondering if Hillary was right: It is the unforced errors that raise the question of whether Hillary Clinton was right back in 2008 when she argued that the White House was no [...]

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Colin Powell: Another Whiney RINO

December 13, 2008

Colin Powell is a well-established RINO.  So, I suppose his endorsement of The One last month was just another way for him to demonstrate his Republican credentials, at least according to the tone of this CNN story.  Among other things, Powell takes a swipe at the conservative direction the party needs to go in by picking [...]

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McCain Supporters in Manhattan

September 28, 2008

They’re open-minded. They’re peaceful. They’re intellectual. They’re tolerant. At least that’s what liberals tell us all the time. Kudos to those McCain supporters who recently put liberals’ self-proclaimed virtues to the test by merely walking through the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Here are the results. Charming.

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