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Holt and Christie: Facepalm Inducing NJ Politicians

July 26, 2013

Full disclosure:  Rush Holt used to be my Congressman who I voted against three times; plus, I will not vote to reelect Chris Christie this Fall — he’s a big government, bloviating, Obama-hugging ass. That being said, Rush Holt has decided to run for Senate and may be going a little loopy, especially on the [...]

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Ron Paul Says Goodbye

November 15, 2012

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is retiring from the House.  Yesterday he gave what amounted to a farewell address in Congress.  Here’s a video of the full speech. I admire Ron Paul’s fidelity to the Constitution and respect the preponderance of his voting record.  His limited government, libertarian philosophy is often so consistent, for instance, that [...]

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Feeling Green About McCain

May 13, 2008

Well, I’m back!  I just moved into a better, swankier place so I was AWOL for a while.  My Internet was messed up and my new and exciting digital cable was all pixelated and unclear until about thirty minutes ago.  But now all is well. I digress.

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