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DNC Speakers Revealed

September 1, 2012

The DNC has released a list of speakers at their convention next week. ***If I could ask a favor of you, PLEASE paste this URL into another window before reading the subsequent “highlight” list: OK, now go: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, shrill voice of the DNC Elizabeth Warren, an Indian woman running against Scott Brown [...]

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“Buffett Rule” Brouhaha Stirring

January 30, 2012

Rhode Island’s junior Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is planning on introducing the “Buffett Rule” tax increase this week to stoke class envy and help the President’s statist agenda.  The (ah-hem) “Paying a Fair Share Bill” indicates that people with income over $1 million will automatically pay a 30% income tax rate. Since we tax income [...]

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Rhode Island Forecast: Economic Death Spiral

February 9, 2011

Ever since Rhode Island elected big spending former RINO union-shill Lincoln Chafee governor last November, I personally believed that this signaled my home state’s fast track to fiscal oblivion.  As it turns out, I am not alone.  Using nearly any measure of economic metrics, RI is at or near the bottom and is getting worse.  [...]

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Republicans Win 2010 Midterm Election

November 3, 2010

President Obama and the Democrat Party suffered a humiliating defeat in last night’s midterm elections.  The Republican Party gained at least 61 seats in the House of Representatives to wrest control of the chamber from Nancy Pelosi’s iron grip.  In the Senate, the Republicans gained at least 5 seats, giving them enough to votes to [...]

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Democrat Frank Caprio: Obama, Shove It!

October 25, 2010

The three-way governor’s race in Rhode Island between Democrat Frank Caprio, the lovable college cokehead Independent Lincoln Chafee, and Republican John Robitaille is closer than many thought and just got much more interesting.  Real Clear Politics believes this race is really between Caprio and Chafee.  That being said, Chafee (renowned RINO and former Senate colleague [...]

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Ruling Class Echoes in Delaware Senate Race

September 14, 2010

So you know, this is a cathartic Republican’s suck post written before today’s election results are in… Today is primary day in a number of states, including Delaware:  Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell versus establishment pro-choice Democrat-friendly RINO Mike Castle is the marquee match-up. The O’Donnell/Castle race symbolizes major issues which I think need to be [...]

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So Scott Brown Voted for Reid’s Job’s Bill. Get Over it.

February 22, 2010

So Scott Brown voted to start debate on Harry Reid’s $15 billion scaled-back “jobs bill”.  The original “bi-partisan” bill was supposed to be a lot more – $85 billion.  The bill from the House is even larger still – $154 billion.  Now, this so-called jobs bill won’t do anything, and sure, I’m disappointed that my [...]

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Memo to RNC, NSCC, and NCCC: Enough With The RINOs!

November 2, 2009

Dede Scozzofava is the poster child for the RINO problem that has infiltrated our party.  The pattern is predictable.  The Republican establishment props up and supports a RINO candidate against a Conservative candidate who stands a chance of winning.  The Conservative base makes noise and is told to shut up and support the Republican candidate [...]

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The Obama Endorsement: Chafee Is As Chafee Does

February 14, 2008

Once upon a time, many thought that the sole purpose of this website to bash Lincoln Chafee and with good reason. All three of us are conservative Republicans who were born and raised in Rhode Island, and we were naturally disgusted with the leftist leanings of our former Senator. After siding with the Democrats on [...]

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This one’s out of left field

November 5, 2005

According to the Providence Journal, Senator Chafee has warned of “enormous” consequences from any Democratic effort to kill the Alito appointment by stalling. Where did THAT Come from?

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