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Coincidentally, One Major Obamacare Insurance Mandate Delayed Until After 2014 Election

July 2, 2013

Breaking news out of Foggy Bottom’s Treasury Department:  the administration will delay a mandate on large employers to provide health insurance until 2015. It’s likely that this move is not just about a lack of preparedness (which I can totally believe), but also to dull the political and economic impact of the impending Obamacare train [...]

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Angelo Codevilla Takes on the Republican Establishment

February 23, 2013

On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark read from an article by Angelo Codevilla during most of his first hour.  The article’s title,”As Country Club Republicans Link Up with the Democratic Ruling Class, Millions of Voters are Orphaned,” only hits the surface of the message Codevilla is trying to convey.  For those who don’t remember, Codevilla [...]

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Stymieing Immigration Reform

January 29, 2013

A conglomeration of eight Senators, including Marco Rubio amongst the usual suspects of Lindsey Grahamesty, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, came out yesterday with a possible road map for comprehensive immigration reform.  Not to be outmaneuvered, President Obama offered his enthusiasm, but also a caveat tor two which should make the fledgeling sprouts of consensus wither [...]

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America ODing on SOMA?

November 30, 2012

Many conservatives, including but not limited to Mark Levin (Youtube vid), Jonah Goldberg, and Mark Steyn, have often made the argument that if tyranny ever came to the United States, it wouldn’t be the kind of tyranny once experienced in Communist eastern Europe or Nazi Germany, but rather a soft tyranny where government dictates would [...]

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Ryan Battles Biden Laughs on Way to VP Debate Draw

October 12, 2012

Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan turned out to be an inkblot debate — when people with a political inclination watched it, they pretty much saw what they wanted to see:  Biden was strong and aggressive… or was he inappropriately arrogant and rude?  Ryan was articulate and competent… or was [...]

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Jon Kyl Calls Out Obama on the Border

June 22, 2010

Last Friday Arizona Senator Jon Kyl told a North Tempe Town Hall Tea Party event why he believes President Obama is grandstanding on the new Arizona immigration law and refusing to control the borders: Red State first reported on this and Mark Levin picked up on it.  So, the law and constitutional obligations are second [...]

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New Oil Tax in the Works

May 24, 2010

In order to pay for the Gulf oil spill and to punish BP for having the nerve to drill at all, Congress is set to sneak a 32-cent tax per barrel of oil into a larger spending bill as early as tomorrow.  That’s a quadrupling which will, of course, ripple up the chain to your [...]

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Obama Care and the Schechter Poultry Corporation

March 20, 2010

Here we are again — the most recent moment of the Obama Care endgame.  The Landmark Legal Foundation and Mark Levin are finding ways to challenge (pdf) the “Deem and Pass” maneuver which may materialize as a reality later today.  Also, many states are now in position to pass laws refusing new Obama Care mandates.  [...]

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Reagan’s Wisdom for Troubled Times

April 1, 2009

Mark Levin, talk show host and author of the best-selling Liberty and Tyranny, a Conservative Manifesto, played audio on his radio show last night of Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” speech.  Patterico found a video copy of the speech and posted it on his blog, Patterico’s Pontifications.  The speech, given in 1964 before the [...]

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Reagan’s Case Against National Health Care

February 2, 2009

The Mark Levin Radio Show is always a source of conservative thought, argument, and Mark’s thoroughly entertaining quirkiness (“Get off the phone, you big dope!”).   Last Friday evening I had Mark on in the car when the voice of Ronald Reagan emerged.  It took me until just now to track down a copy of that 10-minute speech.  With the [...]

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Paulson Plan is Bad for the Economy

September 22, 2008

The Bush Administration has proposed the so-called “Paulson Plan” to fix the economic situation that we now find ourselves in.  The plan would find the U.S. Treasury buying out $700 billion in bad mortgages that is currently crippling Wall Street, in the hopes to free up the credit market and allow Wall Street to rebound.  [...]

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