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It’s August — Town Hall Time!!!

August 9, 2013

In August, Congress is in recess and some members actually hear from their constituents, traditionally in a town hall format.  It’s great seeing regular people speak truth to power, watching our elected officials squirm, pander or agree with that frustration.  Here’s a snippet from a Maryland town hall reported by Fox: At the end of [...]

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Rumor Mill: Will Barbara Mikulski Be the Next Democrat to Drop?

February 15, 2010

An unconfirmed rumor out on the blogosphere, but intriguing nonetheless.  With the announcement of Bayh’s retirement this morning, everyone’s been wondering what would be the next shoe to drop.  Rumor has it that Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) will be the next Democrat Senator to announce her retirement later this week.  Now, Maryland is a seat [...]

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Michael Steele and the Art of Communication

November 17, 2008

An indispensable part of the Republican National Committee Chairman’s job is communication.  With Michael Steele being the center of attention in this year’s race for RNC chair, it might be helpful to revisit the last time he needed to put a message together, his 2006 Senate race against Ben Cardin. Steele did not win that [...]

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More Hypocrisy From The Left

November 2, 2005

When will the African American community realize that the Democrats are just using them, and that they are more concerned with party loyalty than real civil rights and treating people with respect, no matter what. Two stories today, one from The Washington Times and one on World Net Daily, illustrate this point. The Times article [...]

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