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Ryan’s 2008 Election Predictions

November 3, 2008

Twenty-four hours from now I will have voted for the vastly superior McCain-Palin ticket and be sitting in my car on my way back to my home state of Rhode Island, getting ready for a tasty birthday dinner at my parents’ before going to watch the election results at my brother’s place in North Kingstown.   As such, now is the [...]

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Buchanan’s Finger in the Wind

October 18, 2008

Pat Buchanan believes that an Obama Nation would be one at war with itself.  In his latest article, Southern Florida’s pretty popular 2000 Election Reform Party candidate, expresses his opinion that since America is still a center-right nation, an Obama Nation lurching towards the Left would constantly be struggling with its identity versus that of the whole [...]

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Draft Women? An Obama Nation Alert!

October 14, 2008

As the campaign season enters its final three weeks, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a story indicating that “change we can believe in” also includes sending 18-25 year old women a selective service card coercing them to sign up!  I am all for an all-volunteer military.  Notice it’s the Libs who can’t get enough of bringing up drafts [...]

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But Mr. Barone, I Don’t Want to Live in a Thugocracy

October 13, 2008

What would it be like if we became an Obama Nation?  The mere thought is enough to make some folks pretty apprehensive and inspired to help McCain-Palin.  So, here comes this piece: Brilliant election number-cruncher Michael Barone has a picture of a potential Obama Nation – “thugocracy“.  With Barone’s encyclopedic knowledge of micro-politics in all 435 districts, his editorial is [...]

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Talking about Obama’s Record = Racist

October 11, 2008

We knew this was coming, and now it’s finally here: any criticism of Obama’s record, statements or associations is racist.  So much so that civil rights icon John Lewis compared McCain’s angry crowds and harsh rhetoric to the notorious Segregationist George Wallace!  You can’t make this stuff up!  (It seems like slavery and the Great Depression [...]

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Palin’s Personal Email Hacked

September 17, 2008

Word has come out and verified that Sarah Palin’s personal email account was hacked around 3-4am this morning.  The nut-job perps posted personal pictures, her children’s email addresses, and other email addresses.  Not only is this completely out of bounds, it’s also very illegal to invade someone else’s private email account.  The nut-jobs involved in this [...]

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Seriously Obama, “Lipstick on a Pig?”

September 9, 2008

This guy looks like a complete ass.  Here’s what we know: We know Obama believes his own hype.  We also know that his messianic complex has taken a beating over the last week or so based on Obama’s shrinking poll numbers.  We also know, like everyone else, that Sarah Palin’s ad libbed joke from her spectacular RNC speech [...]

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McCain Leads in the Polls: A Bounce or a Surge?

September 8, 2008

Real Clear Politics has, for the first time all summer, McCain beating Obama by 2.9% when all major polls are averaged together.  Some outliers even have McCain up by as much as 10 points! However, this is the important question for me at this juncture: is this just a typical convention bounce of about 6-8 [...]

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Atlantis, Alaska, Azkaban

September 3, 2008

It’s a sad day when there’s about a 50 percent chance that some MSM outlet will run with this satirical piece by Jim Treacher thinking its reality, or at least thinking they can trick people into thinking its reality. Link via Hot Air

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Republican National Convention, Day 2

September 2, 2008

Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman seemed subdued to me as they delivered the major speeches at tonight’s session of the Republican National Convention. Normally, that isn’t the demeanor one projects when delivering a political speech, especially at a political convention; but somehow, it worked. What other demeanor would be appropriate when explaining the details of [...]

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Sarah Palin Facts

August 31, 2008

Even though we could see the website coming a mile away, it’s still an entertaining read.  Chuck Norris was the first person to have this shtick, Tim Tebow and Cole Hamels also gave it a shot, but Sarah Palin is the first person who can actually back it up. Come to think of it, I [...]

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Democrats Stumble Out of the Gate on Sarah Palin

August 29, 2008

Now this Operation Chaos. Totally blindslided by McCain’s spectacular running mate, the Democrats’ initial responses to the selection are as hilarious as they are pathetic. Obama’s campaign has already fallen into McCain’s trap by criticizing inexperience at the bottom of McCain’s ticket and Ken Salazar is apoplectic because she isn’t famous enough. The left’s initial [...]

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