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Rules Guiding Establishment GOP

October 23, 2013

There are too many Obamacare sucks stories out there to add anything new at this point, so I found this list of “10 Rules in the Establishment Republican Handbook” to be worth adding to the echo chamber. Here’s a synopsis: There is nothing ever worth fighting for except Democrat policies You must systematically destroy any [...]

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Should Obama Dump Biden?

August 16, 2012

With a flurry of recent Joe Biden gaffes, John McCain repeated some buzz about Obama potentially replacing Biden with another Vice Presidential nominee.  White House Propaganda Minister press secretary Jay Carney responded that Joe is indeed staying on the ticket, then proceed to attack McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin.  McCain said he wasn’t sure if [...]

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Jon Huntsman Announces 2012 Bid

June 22, 2011

Former Utah Governor and Obama Administration ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, announced his intentions to run for President yesterday.  Using the Statue of Liberty as his prop background, Huntsman invoked Reagan and contrasted his views with those of his former boss, President Obama. However, all I needed to read was this bit from his speech: [...]

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A Media Moment of Lucidity

November 9, 2008

So, why didn’t they figure this out BEFORE Election Day?  I really hope long-term damage has been done to the MSM for their blind advocacy for Obama during the election.  Even if they were in the bag for McCain, the media’s job is to report the news, not advocate for a particular political philosophy or [...]

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Three Reasons McCain Lost

November 6, 2008

McCain’s defeat by President-Elect Barack Obama can be attributed to many factors, such as the media, Obama’s smoothness, Obama’s ground organization, etc.  Here, however, I am going to focus on three areas in the McCain campaign strategy that, had they done things differently, may have yielded a different result this past Tuesday.  Response to the [...]

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The State of Conservatism

November 5, 2008

The election is over, most of the votes are counted, and we lost.  All the talk of the polls and samplings, strategy and talking points, ads and stump speeches are now over, and we have a new President-elect.  McCain was graceful in his defeat, and we move forward.  As it stands at this hour, it [...]

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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

October 19, 2008

The RINOs have a new face this morning:  Colin Powell.  The still self-professed “Republican” said on Meet the Depressed this morning that Powell will be voting for Obama because The One has run a positive campaign and is a “transformational figure” for America and the world.  Truth is we need a President who can articulate American values clearly [...]

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“That One”

October 8, 2008

Last night, when trying to point out Obama’s voting record on a 2005 energy bill, John McCain referred to The One as “that one.”   Every line is potentially an issue in today’s hyper-charged environment! To those of us who don’t look at every gesture at these debates under an electron microscope, it seemed harmless enough.  But it did remind me of [...]

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Palin Highlights Obama-Ayers Connection

October 5, 2008

Finally, it seems like someone on the McCain-Palin ticket actually wants to win this election!  In her latest rounds of stump speeches, Palin is highlighting Obama’s unsavory connection to Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.  It’s about time that this relationship be vetted. The Obama Campaign is trying to laugh this off, calling it “desperate” and [...]

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Homer Simpson “Changes” Vote

October 2, 2008

1290 WJNO found this Live Leak video of an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, set for the Sunday before Election Day, where Homer tries to vote for Obama, but ends up voting for McCain multiple times before the machine chews him up and spits him out bloodied.  It’s a funny scene with a preemptive slight on [...]

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Luntz Focus Group = Obama Wins

September 27, 2008

Frank Luntz’s focus group had a number of things to say last night after the first Presidential debate between McCain and Obama.  Here’s the video link. Most of the group of undecided voters generally liked what Obama had to say more than McCain.  I was put off by their focus on Obama’s style and empty [...]

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The Presidential Debate is On!

September 26, 2008

The First Presidential Debate is on tonight, after much indecision over whether it would occur or not.  It still remains to be seen what the topic of the debate will be, if it will be the pre-planned foreign policy discussion or whether the focus will instead turn to economic and domestic issues.  In a statement released, [...]

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McCain Suspends Campaign

September 24, 2008

John McCain suspended his campaign this afternoon in order to return to Washington to help foster a “solution” to the current economic crisis.  The Paulson deal is near-dead, as according to Drudge, only four Republican congressmen support the plan.  He has asked for the Presidential debate scheduled for Friday to be postponed while he, Obama, [...]

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Religion in Politics and the Election of 2008

September 24, 2008

Despite the so-called “Wall of Separation” between Church and State, religion always plays a part in our nation’s politics, as many issues stem from people’s view of the world, which is often formed in large part by faith.  Religions faith touches the core of a human being;  it is a way of looking at the world, and [...]

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42 Days to Go: Don’t Panic

September 23, 2008

Just six weeks until either the McCainiacs win the day or we become an Obama Nation! (shudder)  After the Palin bounce, I haven’t been too too concerned about the daily polls or the subtle trends since everything’s so close.  I’ll pay more attention next Tuesday — after three full polling days after Friday’s first Presidential [...]

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Electoral Map Timesuck

September 20, 2008

With under seven weeks until Election Day, some Electoral College map fun can be found here at Real Clear Politics.  It lets you change the states from Obama to McCain and vice versa, tallying the new Electoral Vote totals as you mess with it.  After about five minutes I realized this fits the description of a “timesuck” worth [...]

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The Financial Mess

September 16, 2008

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers to Bankruptcy, and with Merrill Lynch being absorbed by Bank of America, our financial system is foremost on many people’s minds this week.  Add to that the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac last week, and the Bear Sternes collapse earlier this year, and we have a [...]

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Looking Bad for Obama

September 15, 2008

It is beginning to look bad for Barack Obama.  The last three days of Rasmussen polling have John McCain at 49-50% for the first time since Obama became the presumptive Democrat nominee.  The Rasmussen poll is a 3-day rolling tracking poll of Likely voters, and the polling occured after the Sarah Palin interviews with Charlie Gibson.  As most political [...]

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Who’s Out of Touch?

September 13, 2008

The Obama campaign released an ad last night declaring McCain to be out-of-touch, attacking him for supposedly not knowing how to use a computer or how to send an email.  The Obama campaign also looked like it was beginning this line of attack with its surrogates, as outlined in the AP.  In the last 24 [...]

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“Time For Some Campaigning”

September 6, 2008

I was reading an email link a friend sent me as I sit through what’s left of Tropical Storm Hanna and got a good laugh.  Though it’s been around for a month, I just saw it and would like to share.  So, here’s a little “Jib Jab” fun for your Saturday afternoon. WARNING: She Who Must Not [...]

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Gay Marriage in California

May 15, 2008

In a blatant example of judicial activism, the California Supreme Court today voted 4-3 to overturn the will of the people in order to impose gay marriage on the Golden State.  If McCain nor Congressional Republicans won’t jazz up the conservative base, this should!  Marriage issues, cultural issues, judicial activism, court appointments, etc. are all [...]

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Bush Speech Irks Obama, Dems

May 15, 2008

President Bush was giving a speech to the Israeli Knesset commemorating the 60th birthday of Israel.  One of the most traumatic events in the history of the Jews and an integral part of the history of the state of Israel was the Holocaust, which only happened because of the horrors of World War II.  That war [...]

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Don’t Stop the NCGOP Ad!

April 25, 2008

I know I’m going to disagree with John McCain more times than my conscience will like, but he needs to back off this one. The North Carolina Republican Party is trying to paint a Barack Obama out of touch with mainstream North Carolinians by citing Obama’s close relationship to the crazy Reverend Wright. Here’s the ad which is [...]

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An Education: Democrats on the Economy

March 27, 2008

We’ve finally learned something (on the record for a change) about Democrat’s vision for the today’s ailing economy!  Here’s a sample of Obama’s take on what he to do in tough economic times: “To renew our economy — and to ensure that we are not doomed to repeat a cycle of bubble and bust again and again — we [...]

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The Uncivil War Begins to Mount Casualties

March 26, 2008

This report from the Gallup organization has to have McCain feeling pretty good today, and also shows how the Uncivil War is doing potentially lasting damage to the Democrats.  According to the article, 19% of Obama supporters would desert and vote for McCain if She Who Must Not be Named were nominated, while 28% of [...]

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McCain Wins Republican Nomination

March 5, 2008

Last night it became clear that Mike Huckabee was going to lose the nomination race outright and finally did what many have done before him and dropped out.  McCain reached above the 1191 delegates needed to secure the nomination and even officially received an endorsement from President Bush today (for good or bad I suppose). Last night, [...]

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Super Tuesday Post-Mortem

February 6, 2008

Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone, and the results are not good.  The race for the Republican Nomination is essentially over, and John McCain is the inevitable nominee.  First, lets look at last night’s indicators as mentioned in my previous post.   California:  This was the biggest disappointment.  All polls showed momentum in Mitt’s favor, [...]

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Super Tuesday!

February 5, 2008

As those of us in twenty-four states go to the polls today, there are many things to watch.  I’m only going to touch on the GOP side, as I have not been following the particulars of the Democrat race (save the constant crying before a major election of She Who Must Not Be Named).  California:  This [...]

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February 3, 2008

A week ago I was dejected that McCain was going to be the nominee of the Republican Party.  While I do have concerns over Romney, McCain has had the habit over the past 8 years of giving the finger to conservatives.  While Romney may be a gamble, I’d prefer a gamble to someone who has [...]

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It’s Not Over

January 24, 2008

The media would have you believed that the Republican nomination is all-but over, and John McCain is the nominee.  What this is is more of a case of the media hoping that their protege Republican will get the nod based on his perceived strength against the Democrats and his inevitability, much in the same way [...]

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