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Obama Administration: the Tea Party Should Love Me Too

April 19, 2010

Why not?  Right? We all love Obama, and the Tea Party should too!  Just ignore your principles. Apparently, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had to let us all know on Meet the Press yesterday that Obama has done more to cut spending than Bush did (let’s just not consider the $787 billion stimulus slush fund and [...]

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McCain Slams NBC’s Bias

August 18, 2008

I was wondering when McCain’s campaign was going to take the obvious pro-Obama MSM bias out of the realm of humor and into the realm of substance.  Well, his campaign finally took the worst of the bunch, NBC, to task, sending a letter to the President of NBC, Steve Capus! I was flipping through the morning [...]

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Tim Russert’s Empty Chair

June 15, 2008

As we all know author, political commentator, and moderator of NBC’s popular Meet the Press, Tim Russert, died on Friday from a heart attack while at work, recording voice-overs for today’s wow. This morning NBC honored him by having today’s Meet the Press be about him, beginning the show with Russert’s chair, empty.  Then, Tom Brokaw moderated a [...]

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