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It Wasn’t Michgan’s Right-to-Work Bill that Struck Steven Crowder

December 11, 2012

We all love Steven Crowder’s sass and sarcasm, but reporting outside the Lansing, Michigan, union protest of a new right-to-work bill which passed the legislature today, this happened: We hope Steven and everyone else in those tents are OK. Quotes from top Michigan Democrat legislators threatening that “there will be blood, there will be consequences” [...]

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Jennifer Granholm’s Economic Advice

December 10, 2010

Outgoing Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has a written an article for the gossip website Politico in which she offers Americans advice on ho to grow the economy.  Predictably, Granholm proposes a red green approach involving cooperation between government and the private sector in pursuing alternative energy projects.  Missing from Granholm’s article is how her approach [...]

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Bush Would “Do It Again”

June 3, 2010

Sometimes I miss Dubya.  Yeah, his speech delivery made me wince a lot, and yes his “compassionate conservatism” sounded a lot like watered-down liberalism in retrospect, and yes the “Ownership Society” of universal home-ownership contributed to (he wasn’t alone in all that) the biggest economic bubble in human history, but I do miss the other [...]

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The Oregon Trail Leads to Michigan

January 27, 2010

Metaphorically, that is.  The voters of the State of Oregon yesterday passed ballot resolution that raised taxes on those making over $250,000 / year, and on businesses, including a higher minimum corporate tax and a surcharge on profits.  So let me get this straight.  Increase taxes on the people that buy things.  Increase taxes on [...]

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Classic Line from John Conyers

July 27, 2009

Gotta love today’s Democrat Party – give them a little rope and they’ll hang themselves!  There’s so much wrong with what Michigan Representative John Conyers said about the 1000+ page Obamcare Bill (which he supports), you have to see it for yourself:

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Dems Meet to Discuss Michigan and Florida Today

May 31, 2008

One simple question:  if this is how the Dems run their party, what’ll it be like when they run the country? Of course, we know the answer to that question, so let’s try to prevent that shall we?  The party that picked on Bush and the Republicans for eight years about mysterious “missing votes” in [...]

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