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Minnesota Recount

Al Franken’s Parody of Al Gore Might Best the Original

December 19, 2008

How about mixing some math and politics on this snowy Friday evening?  Problem: If an election goes into overtime because it’s too close, what two possible outcomes are likely to emerge? 1.  If [the Republican] is behind, the people have spoken and [he/she] concedes after the initial recount has taken place. 2.  If [the Democrat] [...]

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Franken Will Drag This Out

November 26, 2008

The Minnesota Senate race is still going through a recount.  Since the final result was within a few hundred votes, Coleman’s lead is widening in the stronghold of Minneapolis.  With 82% of the vote counted, Coleman has increased his lead to 231 votes.  It now looks like Franken is preparing for a court challenge.  Already, [...]

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