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Minnesota Senate Race

Democrats To Try To Seat Franken

January 22, 2009

Harry Reid has announced that he plans to try to seat Al Franken this week, even as an election contest by Norm Colman looms.  Under Minnesota Law, a Senator cannot be seated until it is certified by the Governor and Secretary of State.  It is also a provision of MN law that the Governor and [...]

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Franken’s “Win” Predictable

January 5, 2009

So, it’s finally happened!  I can’t believe it went all the way until 2009 for the Democrats to manufacture enough votes to get Al Franken to win the Senate election in Minnesota.  I’ve been saying since November that Minnesota’s election outcome was pretty predictable — Franken was down on November 4 all the way through [...]

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Al Franken’s Parody of Al Gore Might Best the Original

December 19, 2008

How about mixing some math and politics on this snowy Friday evening?  Problem: If an election goes into overtime because it’s too close, what two possible outcomes are likely to emerge? 1.  If [the Republican] is behind, the people have spoken and [he/she] concedes after the initial recount has taken place. 2.  If [the Democrat] [...]

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