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Greek Troubles Beginning to Spiral

May 15, 2012

Greek troubles are reaching a tipping point.  The new government couldn’t form a governing coalition willing to deal with their financial woes as the leftists are unwilling to be forced into unpopular austerity measures.  So, a new election must be held with the populist left riding an anti-austerity wave.  Not good. But events are moving [...]

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Not a Shocker: S&P Being Investigated

August 18, 2011

After giving the United States its first ratings downgrade, S&P is suddenly under investigation for ratings games they may have played before the mortgage crisis. I can’t say I’m shocked, but I have two minds on this.  First, I think all the ratings agencies should have been investigated as early as 2006, when it started [...]

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Funny, I Don’t Feel AA+

August 7, 2011

Right around the time when people were fleeing home for the weekend on Friday afternoon, Standard and Poors decided to downgrade America’s credit rating to AA+ from AAA.  Of course the administration is irate and the G20 has decided hold emergency talks about how they feel about US treasuries moving forward.  A downgrade could mean [...]

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