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Mortgage Crisis

On TARP, The “Experts” Were Wrong

October 27, 2009

The Wall Street Journal, originally one of the biggest supporters proponents of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), wrote an editorial today about how they were wrong in pushing for its passage, and that it needs to end immediately.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration is in no rush to end the TARP Program.  The Journal now [...]

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Housing Bubble, Take 2

September 25, 2009

We all know that the sub-prime mortgage mess precipitated a housing bubble that got us into this economic disaster we now find ourselves in.  Yet while many are trying to convince us that the economy is recovering, further disaster looms on the horizon.  Without getting into the whole dangerous situation that the massive amount of [...]

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Mortgage Bailout Keeps Getting Worse

March 6, 2009

The mortgage bailout keeps getting worse the more we hear about it.  The bailout applies especially to people whose home is worth more than 31% of their gross income (This includes your gross income before any taxes, as well as your entire mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance), yet the home value limit is extremely [...]

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Rewarding the Unsuccessful

February 19, 2009

Yesterday, we posted on Obama’s new lending program and how it will restructure loans for people who cannot afford their current loans.  Today, after reviewing some details of the plan, I have found it to be even worse than I initially thought.  Not only will the plan help restructure bad loans to people who could [...]

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Why Pay Your Mortgage? Obama Will Bail You Out!

February 18, 2009

In order to respond to the economic crisis that was caused by the government’s meddling in the housing market, forcing banks to make bad loans to people who couldn’t afford them, the Obama Administration has proposed — making more bad loans to people who can’t afford them.  After spending $750+ billion on an economic stimulus, [...]

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The Cost of the Bailout In Perspective

November 25, 2008

Barry Ritholtz is writing a book entitled Bailout Nation, about the current economic crisis and how we are using bailouts to try to solve it.  On his blog, he posted an interesting point, about the cost of the bailout.  When adding in the Citi bailout, the total figure thus far comes somewhere between $4.6 trillion [...]

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The Socialist Bailout Fiasco

November 12, 2008

Conservatives such as myself warned back in September that the Bailout Bill proposed by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, passed by Congress, and signed into law by President Bush, was a socialist disaster in the making.  The bill was supposedly passed to help shore up our nations credit and unfreeze the credit markets.  Aside [...]

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More Democrat Ties to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

November 7, 2008

Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s new Chief of Staff, was on the Board of Directors for Freddie Mac when Freddie Mac was under investigation for fraud.  The board was criticized by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight for not following up on suspicious activity that was brought to their attention. Emmanuel joins the ranks of other [...]

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Three Reasons McCain Lost

November 6, 2008

McCain’s defeat by President-Elect Barack Obama can be attributed to many factors, such as the media, Obama’s smoothness, Obama’s ground organization, etc.  Here, however, I am going to focus on three areas in the McCain campaign strategy that, had they done things differently, may have yielded a different result this past Tuesday.  Response to the [...]

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Bailout BS

October 29, 2008

Those frequent visitors to this site know that I have been against the Paulson Socialist Bailout Package since its inception, and have felt that it was not necessary to fixing the economy, was put together too quickly to stem a supposed crisis that few understood, and was packed with pork that had nothing to do [...]

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Democrats Aim for New New Deal, McCain Aims for Growth

October 14, 2008

Democrats, eyeing an Obama Presidency and a super-majority in the U.S. House, are working to craft legislation that will usher in a New New Deal, or as they call it, a re-engineering of the New Deal for the 21st century, which will usher in socialism for a generation.  The Democrats see, ironically, the Paulson Plan as the foundation [...]

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How McCain Can Win

October 6, 2008

bJohn McCain is currently behind in Presidential election by three to eight points, depending on the poll.  With only a month less to go, McCain’s current strategy is obviously not working.  During the last two weeks, the Obama campaign has succeeded in defining the narrative of the day.  McCain needs aggressively to go on the offensive [...]

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Senate Passes Bailout – America on Path to Socialism

October 2, 2008

The Senate took the country one step closer to Socialism yesterday by passing the now $824-billion dolleditar bailout package in a 74-25 vote.  In addition to the $700-billion figure proposed by Paulson, the package now contains an extension of the FDIC insurance cap from $100,000 $124 billion in “sweeteners” to help win over congressional votes:  A [...]

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Where Have All the Conservatives Gone?

September 30, 2008

I enjoy reading National Review’s The Corner.  It is a great blog with some great contributors, from K-Lo, to The Great One (Mark Levin).  For the past two days, however, reading some of the contributors on the Corner has gotten my blood boiling.  From Rich Lowry and his friends, to Victor Davis Hanson, Ramesh Ponnuru, Peter Wehner, and Jim [...]

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Blame the Democrats for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

September 30, 2008

  These are your culprits, America,  The Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis is the fault of the Democrats.  It all started with the Community Redevelopment Act of 1975, which was desinged to force banks to give low-income housing to those who could not afford it.  For the first 20 years of its existence, however, it was not highly enforced.  Author Dan [...]

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Bailout Fails — What Next?

September 29, 2008

The proposed $700 Billion Bailout failed to pass today, 207 for, 226 against.  In reaction, the DOW dropped 700+ points, before rallying again to around  a 300-point drop for the day, and is now bouncing between a 300 and 600 point drop.  As expected, the majority of conservatives opposed the bill (66 for, 132 against) but [...]

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Let the Private Sector Fix the Economy

September 29, 2008

Hat tip to MrsSal for finding this one.  With the $700 Billing Bailout package looming, the Boston Globe reports today that investment firms such as Bain Capital want a chance to bid on the distressed assets that the government is planning to “bail out.“  From the article:  Boston’s Bain Capital and Bank of New York [...]

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Paulson Plan is Bad for the Economy

September 22, 2008

The Bush Administration has proposed the so-called “Paulson Plan” to fix the economic situation that we now find ourselves in.  The plan would find the U.S. Treasury buying out $700 billion in bad mortgages that is currently crippling Wall Street, in the hopes to free up the credit market and allow Wall Street to rebound.  [...]

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AIG Bailout Shortens Path to Socialism

September 17, 2008

The AIG bailout by the Federal Reserve involves the FED “loaning” AIG $85 billion in exchange for nearly 80% equity in the company.  Now, it is within the Fed’s charter to loan money;  however, the fact that the Government has now nationalized a major private insurance company (although the Fed denies that this is what was done) [...]

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