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Christians Targeted in Latest Round of Egyptian Violence

August 16, 2013

Nearly 700 people have been killed along with thousands of others wounded in this week’s violence in Egypt, capped by today’s “Friday of Anger,” spurned by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Last month’s coup of the Morsi regime, which also ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power and replaced them with an interim military-controlled government, has reached a [...]

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Morsi Declares Himself More Powers

November 23, 2012

Egyptian President Mubarak Morsi has declared that all the decisions that he’s made (and will make) until a new constitution is formed are not subject to appeal from any court or anywhere else for that matter.  Morsi has his own executive authority, has a toothless parliament, and is now bullying the courts.  This situation kind [...]

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Where are all the Dems in Madison?

February 17, 2011

As the union crisis grows in Madison, Wisconsin, another development bears watching:  all 14 Democrats in the Wisconsin state legislature have left the state in a procedural move to prevent the public employee benefit reform vote from even taking place!  Some of the more obnoxious protesters and their supporters have compared Governor Walker to Hosni [...]

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Egypt’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment

February 11, 2011

A new day dawns in Egypt.  Mubarak’s out but the military is still in charge over in Egypt. Listening to Beck on my Sirius/XM radio today I heard about one particular sign the protesters held up: I remember that it was May 1, 2003, when Dubya landed a plane on that carrier and declared major [...]

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Mubarak Can Kill the Internet, So Why Can’t Obama?

January 31, 2011

Talk about a complete lack of political tact!  Last year Joe Lieberman introduced legislation (co-sponsored by the very special Senator Susan Collins from Maine) which would give the President “broad emergency powers” to disable the Internet in case of a “national emergency”.  You know, just like the powers Dictator President Mubarak has been exercising in [...]

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Mubarak Against the Wall

January 28, 2011

With new details breaking every few minutes what we know at this moment is that the protests in Egypt have begun to affect political change.  Egyptian dictator President Mubarak is clinging to power, but asked his cabinet to resign in a speech he gave at 12:30 am local time.  He called for perfunctory reforms, but [...]

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