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Blitzer Comments on Obama’s NAACP Dodge

July 13, 2012

President Obama decided that he was just too busy to attend this years NAACP convention in Houston, so he sent Eric Holder, a taped video, and Joe Biden instead.  Mitt Romney, of course, showed up knowing his reception would not be overly warm.  Romney earned a lot of respect for doing that.  Obama, however, has been criticized by some for [...]

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NAACP Snafu Revisited

July 22, 2010

Yesterday, the administration and the NAACP were in total damage-control mode as the Sherrod video exposed much more than just her racist comments taken out of context:  the NAACP released apologies and full tapes, while the administration was offering Sherrod her job back, and the MSM was predictably blaming the messenger — I even heard [...]

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The NAACP’s Racist Snafu

July 20, 2010

So here’s a little hypocrisy for you:  The NAACP decided last week to scold the Tea Party for alleged racism within the ranks of the new movement, but didn’t have much to say about a racist recently speaking to their own ranks until that person was exposed. Here’s Shirley Sherrod, the USDA’s Director of Rural [...]

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Tea Party vs NAACP

July 14, 2010

The Tea Partiers across America are a new phenomenon, only organizing early last year.  Though young, it’s very threatening to the typical Washington establishment which is fast approaching its nadir.  As part of that establishment, the NAACP has turned to the “race business” as a way to stay relevant and has unfortunately become mere race-baiting [...]

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