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Nancy Reagan

Falling into Rubio’s Arms

August 25, 2011

At a California Tea Party event Tuesday, 90-year-old Nancy Reagan was being escorted by Senator Marco Rubio when she missed a step.  Rubio was there to catch her and Nancy wasn’t hurt, even staying to watch the speech (1:36)!  The symbolism is not lost on anyone who understands how well Reagan’s limited government legacy is [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

The ultimate Hallmark Holiday comes again this year with promises of lavish gifts and romance for young couples and (almost) guaranteed “special occasion sex” for married ones!  I’m someone who likes these cultural holidays — I still love getting an Irish-buzz for St. Patrick’s Day and dressing up for Halloween parties, along with all the [...]

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The Gipper Takes His Place

June 3, 2009

Ronald Reagan’s statue took its place in the Capitol Rotunda today, with a cheerful and tearful Nancy on hand.  A Reagan statue — it just feels good to see in the People’s House! It was also very nice to see Nancy again.  At 87, she still looks pretty good and still symbolizes the connection many had with [...]

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Obama’s First News Conference

November 8, 2008

Surrounded by a throng of economic guru’s the typical Imperial “Remember thou art mortal!  Remember thou art mortal!” mantra was lacking from the ears of Emperor Zero during his first news conference yesterday, as he performed meekly in my opinion: He dodged answering too many specifics on the economy. He acknowledged that the economy is a critical [...]

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