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How Free is Your State?

March 29, 2013

So, how free is your state?  Here are the latest rankings from an expansive George Mason University study (pdf) based on personal freedoms, as well as both fiscal and regulatory policies in each state. The top five most free states are:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma. Rounding out the bottom five [...]

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Soda. All the Calories of Beer with None of the Positive Side Effects

November 15, 2012

After he lost about 324 pounds or so a few years ago to run for President, Mike Huckabee said something I’ll never forget:  “never drink calories.”  Although I’ll never eliminate the liquid calorie from my daily activities, I do try to cut back on certain things, like soda or Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee (that one [...]

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Watch Out NYC. Bloomberg is Still Offended by Your Eating Habits

June 13, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg has a knack for sticking his nose into other people’s business, something that would be annoying enough he happened to be that neighbor no one likes.  Unfortunately, he is a powerful Mayor whose diktats always seem to be implemented. By now, we’ve all heard about his plan to ban the sale of certain [...]

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Bloomberg Proposes Ban on Big Sugary Drinks

May 31, 2012

The case for term limits, Exhibit 1:  New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has decided to fully embrace nanny-statism by proposing a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces being sold in his fiefdom city. Here’s Bloomberg defending this proposal: We’re not taking away anybody’s right to do things, we’re simply forcing you to understand [...]

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License Plates for Bikes?

January 13, 2011

Let’s add cycling to the list of activities that liberals want to stick their noses into.  New Jersey State Rep. Cleopatra Tucker (Guess which party) has proposed legislation requiring all bicycles to be registered with the state.  The registration fee would be $10.00 every two years and cyclists without a plate would be fined $100.00. [...]

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A Ban on Flavor in New York

March 11, 2010

Ok, this whole nanny-state thing is getting freaking absurd and downright annoying.  Earlier this year, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a city-wide campaign against salt, which consisted of wasting money on ad campaigns telling people that salt was unhealthy.  Stupid, yes.  An annoying use of taxpayer dollars, yes.  Now, New York State assemblyman [...]

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Put Mike Bloomberg’s Anti-Salt Campaign on Ice

January 11, 2010

Michael Bloomberg’s administration is once again sticking its nose into New Yorkers’ private lives, this time kicking off a public campaign to encourage people to cut back on salt.  Unlike Bloomberg’s previous food nazi initiatives, this one is voluntary.  There will be no fines for eating those tasty Belgian fries in the East Village, so [...]

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On the Government Couch

March 31, 2009

Depressed?  Dejected?  Sad?  Unemployed?  Suicidal? Well, the government has got just the site for you!  Forget your therapist, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)  has set up a guide to “Getting Through Tough Economic Times“!   Glad to see the government is squeezing more private sector therapy jobs through boosting SAMHSA staff members, on top [...]

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Minimum Level of Thought Behind Proposal for Minimum Price for Alcohol

March 15, 2009

The British government is considering a proposal that would establish a minimum price for certain alcoholic beverages.  According to the proposal’s proponents, the law would be justified because underage drinking is putting a strain on the government-run National Health Service.  The proposal is flawed for all of the personal liberty reasons most of us cherish.  [...]

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