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Some in China Begin to Confront Its Dark Shadows

November 16, 2012

This article from Foreign Policy reinforces an idea that China’s “state capitalism” is really just the old “national socialism” and that China needs to move quickly to avoid the mistakes of the past.  The article chronicles the stories and insights of former UBS banker He Di.  He Di paints parallels between the days of national [...]

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Embrace the Age of China to Our Collective Peril

April 25, 2011

It seems lately like some are cheering for the eventual end of American economic hegemony, getting enthused for the “new world order” which is to come with the growth of Red China in concert with America’s self-inflicted economic decline.  Today’s marquee piece on Drudge takes a more realistic tone than some because it gets real [...]

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“National Greatness Liberalism”

January 28, 2011

Reading a Weekly Standard piece this morning criticizing Obama’s SOTU as hidebound 1960s bilge, I came across a phrase I hadn’t noticed before, “national greatness liberalism”, which was how some libs view Obama’s underlying approach.  After seeing those three words in such an order I had a good laugh!  I figured why don’t they just [...]

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Obama’s Logic in Latin America

April 19, 2009

What’s he getting at I wonder?  See, I’m trying to look passed the obvious — Obama wants other countries to like us so much he’s willing to throw away our long-held principles against left-wing dictatorships in our own hemisphere for temporary political gain.  Like his ideological predecessor, Jimmy Carter, Obama will undoubtedly learn that getting [...]

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