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Bear Safety Video

July 13, 2013

From WJAR 10, Rhode Island’s NBC affiliate, comes this bear safety video which is supposed to be serious and probably has some merit, but good luck not laughing:

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NBC Covering for Penn State Pedo?

June 18, 2012

It seems so.  In an interview with Bob Costas last November, accused “Penn State Pedo” Jerry Sandusky had a bit of a Freudian slip that would have made huge news and given some serious ammunition in the prosecution’s case against the alleged pedophile.  At present, the prosecution wants the tape.  The transcript has Costas asking: [...]

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Monkee’s Davy Jones Dies at 66

February 29, 2012

Davy Jones, lead singer of the Monkees, died of a heart attack this morning at the age of 66.  He was one of those pop artists one never really thinks about, like being a part of some nostalgic background noise only appearing once conjured.  Yet, it’s still a shock to hear that someone who seemed [...]

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NBC’s “Under God” Problem

June 20, 2011

During NBC’s coverage of the US Open, a patriotic montage included a Pledge of Allegiance which happened to exclude the phrase “under God” on two different occasions.  NBC has long been a joke and in 2008 became unabashed Obama shills.  Consistent with the network’s openly progressive agenda, omitting “under God” from the pledge twice was [...]

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Flashback: What’s the Internet?

January 30, 2011

I saw this floating around the World Wide Internets from the Today Show circa 1994: Even though I’d love to pile on NBC, it’s all not that silly.  Think about it:  what is the Internet?  Could you describe what it physically is rather than what it does?  I’m sure many of us could today, but [...]

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ACORN Target on Late Night TV

September 19, 2009

Jay Leno had a little fun with ACORN last week on his new show.  Being that it’s on NBC, I’m pretty sure no one saw it so here’s snippet: If conservative values end up being defended at the expense of liberal ones in the popular culture, a sea-change is definitely underway.  What I mean is:  [...]

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Jimmy Carter Joins the “Racist” Chorus

September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter is a bitter old coot and much of what he says either makes most people roll their eyes or remind them bitterly of those dark years before Reagan.  However, sensing a kindred mess in Obama and feeling very comfortable with the Obamabots at NBC, Carter plays the race card as blatant as one can: [...]

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NBC Bans Pro-Life Ad During Super Bowl

January 31, 2009

Here’s the ad in question.  I personally think it’s pretty awesome: NBC stated that it does not intend to air political advocacy ads during the Super Bowl.  That’s their prerogative.  Yet, they told PETA that they might get their ad on if they edited it to coincide with NBC’s ethical standards a little bit more, but on [...]

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Coulter Banned from NBC?

January 6, 2009

According to Druge, Coulter has been banned from NBC “for life”.  A recently-scheduled appearance on NBC’s Today Show to promote her new book, Guilty.  According to Drudge’s sources at NBC, the theme of the book, which exposes the Media’s unprecedented bias in the 2008 Presidential Election, was the reason for the cancellation. The ironic thing [...]

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McCain Slams NBC’s Bias

August 18, 2008

I was wondering when McCain’s campaign was going to take the obvious pro-Obama MSM bias out of the realm of humor and into the realm of substance.  Well, his campaign finally took the worst of the bunch, NBC, to task, sending a letter to the President of NBC, Steve Capus! I was flipping through the morning [...]

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Sweet “Sixteen”?

August 14, 2008

I’ve been watching some of the Olympic coverage on part of Obama’s media network, NBC.  All the human interest stories make me puke so I tend to flip around between “Family Guy” reruns and “Hannity and Colmes” before finally settling on the Olympics, which had the US Women’s Gymnastics team going up against China and Russia the other [...]

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White House Smacksdown NBC

May 19, 2008

White House counsel Ed Gillespie had some tough words for NBC after they disingenuously edited an interview with President Bush which indicated that the President accepted a negative premise on the appeasement issue when the President did not.  But what I love about the letter sent to NBC is Gillespie’s memory of two years ago [...]

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