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Sarkozy, Obama Knock Netanyahu

November 8, 2011

At the ongoing G20 Summit, French President Sarkozy and our embarrassment, President Obama, were overheard on an open-mic picking on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: With friends like these, right?  Real mature, guys!  Why is it that our leaders still don’t understand that EVERYTHING in public is recorded nowadays?  Just ask Gordon Brown how these [...]

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B.B. Strikes Back

May 20, 2011

Taking the President to school at their Oval Office meeting today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Obama’s selling-out of our closest Mideast ally: (the classic rebuttal ebbs at about 4:30) Notice Obama’s icy stare during the lesson — I was even waiting for Obama’s classic middle finger face scratch!  Too many cameras, I [...]

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Obama Just Screwed Israel

May 19, 2011

Israel, we’ve found a new Yasser Arafat for you — Barack Hussein Obama, who just threw red meat to an “Arab Spring” crowd all primed and ready for Israeli blood. Today, President Obama endorsed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, as many have including Israel herself.  However, part of the plan is Israel accepting [...]

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