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Big Game Sunday!!!

February 2, 2014

Tonight at around 6:30pm EST Super Bowl XLVIII (“48″ to us non-Romans) between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks–the league’s #1 offense versus the #1 defense, while both being #1 seeds in their respective conferences during the playoffs.  Here’s a preview. It should be a great game–Vegas still has the game with the Broncos [...]

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A Nor’easter by Any Other Name

February 25, 2010

Central Jersey already has had about three or four inches and it’s going to get much worse.  In the midst of all this global warming, we have another double-digit snow storm (the third in February alone!).  We should have 10-16 more inches before tomorrow afternoon as the latest Nor’easter hits this area. “Nor’easters” are large [...]

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The Bi**h Factor and its Impact in the Massachusetts Senate Race

January 13, 2010

With the polls showing the race tightening and Scott Brown’s victory within reach, Coakley is getting nervous, and she is acting nervous.  This is very bad for her and good for us, as it brings in another factor common to New England Politics that may have an impact on the election.  I’ve written about it [...]

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Happy Fall!

September 22, 2009

This afternoon, just after 5:15pm, it became fall in the Garden State.  Fall’s my favorite season:  football’s back, I get paid again, in-season apples, hayrides, Halloween, my birthday, and so on.  Plus, I love light-jacket weather with a slightly chilly evening — must be a New England thing. Anyway, I used to love this TV [...]

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