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Obama Broken Promises

Another Broken Obama Promise

March 23, 2010

I know, I know.  Obama broke another promise.  Big surprise.  It would be more newsworthy to put up a promise that Obama kept, because as we all know, “All of Obama’s promises have an expiration date.  All of them.”  (phrase attributed to Jim Geraghty).  It’s still worth pointing out, however, in case someone comes across [...]

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The Expiration of Obama’s Tax Pledge

February 13, 2010

As we know, Obama’s promises all come with an expiration date.  It appears that the most famous of his promises, the no new taxes pledge for those making less than $250k is nearing that expiration date, as he now mentions that he is agnostic about not raising taxes.  You be the judge – when will [...]

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