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Time to Tackle Entitlements

February 16, 2011

It’s going to be an interesting two years.  The GOP, at the prodding of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the GOP Freshman Class, is apparently serious about attempting to tackle entitlement reform this year.  Obama’s sham budget does nothing to address the fiscal mess that we have gotten ourselves into, and the GOP appears ready [...]

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Obama’s 2012 Budget Sham

February 14, 2011

Anyone who’s ever read the George Orwell novel 1984 knows of the concept of Newspeak, a way of using rhetorical tricks to convince people that a lie is true.  Obama has released his 2012 budget proposal, and it is a classic example of Newspeak.  In it, Obama claims to be “cutting the deficit”.  The budget [...]

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Sen. Judd Gregg Schools Peter Orszag

February 3, 2010

Sen. Judd Gregg schooled White House Budget Director Peter Orszag over the White House’s plan to reuse repaid TARP funds for other purposes.  Gregg points out that the law requires that repaid TARP money be used to pay down the debt, and pushes Orszag on that point.  Fun to watch.

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Obama’s Socialiation of America By Any Means Necessary

March 17, 2009

As Obama’s poll ratings climb back to earth, there is a concern among liberals that Obama is not up to the job.  Yet, incompetent as he may be, Obama has the capacity to fundamentally alter the economic and political landscape of this country.  Obama’s seeming incompetence may be related to the fact that he is [...]

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Judd Gregg to Team Obama: Your Budget is a Lie

March 13, 2009

The appointment and withdrawal of Sen. Judd Gregg consideration for the post of Commerce Secretary was a fortunate occurrence for Republicans.  His criticisms now carry some perceived extra weight, because he was deemed a good choice for a leadership role by Barack Obama, so any criticism now leveled at him from the Obama Administration can [...]

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Congressman Paul Ryan Rips Obama

March 3, 2009

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) had some choice words to say regarding Obama’s budget and his tone during opening remarks for the House Committee on the Budget, to Peter Orzag, director of OMB.  Speaking on the Budget: But what’s most distressing about this budget is that it takes a decidedly ideological turn away from the principles [...]

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