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October Surprise

It’s Getting Late in October… Get Ready for a Surprise!

October 20, 2012

The October Surprise:  sudden game-changing event or charge which occurs so close to an election that the targeted candidate doesn’t have time to respond, and therefore changes the election’s dynamic within days of voting.  It’s a real d-bag move, no matter which side is doing it. Today is October 20, seventeen days left until we [...]

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Tasergate: The Official Smear Against Sarah Palin

October 11, 2008

The official legpergateislative report on troopergate tasergate was released yesterday, accusing Gov. Palin of abuse of power.  The report itself is contradictory and does not hold up logically, and does not hold up under the law.  The report by investigative attorney Steve Branchflower, is 263 pages in length (PDF) that basically can be summarized in two [...]

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