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The Ultimate At-Work Timesuck

March 10, 2010

Time for a good mid-week diversion.  Want to goof off at work without your co-workers or boss finding out?  This timesuck looks like productive work in that it is a series of games made to look like productivity software such as spreadsheets and graphs.  There are even options to pause and make it look like [...]

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Go Hunting With Sarah Palin Timesuck

November 15, 2008

Go hunting in Alaska with Sarah Palin in this online game.  Shoot for Moose, Wolves, and Caribou as well as Russian subs, battleships, and MiGs.  Points are taken away for hitting Eskimo Dog Sled Teams, Snow Machines, and John McCain.  The game-play is interspersed with audio from Sarah Palin.

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