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They Don’t Call Keynesian Stimulus a Crap Sandwich for Nothing

February 24, 2012

Here’s a funny video via Free Republic on Keynesian stimulus and Paul Krugman putting what normally files out of his mouth into his mouth.    

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Krugman Thinks Obama Should Blame Bush More

January 20, 2010

Paul Krugman is living in a bubble.  You see, he writes that one of Obama’s biggest mistakes has been to not blame Bush for the economic woes this country now faces, “just like Reagan did” (sic). Finally, about that narrative: It’s instructive to compare Mr. Obama’s rhetorical stance on the economy with that of Ronald [...]

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Paul Krugman Gets a Dose of Reality on Health Care

August 4, 2009

Blowhard and supposed-economist Paul Krugman participated in a debate on Nationalized Health Care this week.  In an attempt to prove that the Canadian system of health care isn’t so bad, he asked Canadian members of the audience about their feelings on Canadian Health Care.  The response is priceless. H/T: Blogs for Victory

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Climate Change Religion Suppressing Science

July 6, 2009

You’ve probably already heard about this story from last week regarding EPA analyst Alan Carlin’s 98-page study on global warming and carbon dioxide.  It’s definitely worth noting.  The EPA didn’t like the findings and tried to suppress Carlin’s key finding:  that while levels of CO2 may have increased in recent years, global temperatures have gone [...]

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