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Labor May Be Turning on Obamacare

May 26, 2013

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since the Obama Nation took charge, it is to always watch what the other hand is doing.  Before the Benghazi-IRS-AP scandals, it seemed like Obama was constantly moving from one issue to another and back again:  gun control to amnesty to drones to Gitmo to gun control to amnesty [...]

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Boehner vs. the CBO

January 6, 2011

I like how the Republicans are not getting the kid-glove treatment from anyone these days — it’s straight to the knives!   The symbolic move to repeal Obama Care is getting some on guard.  The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scored the projected cost of NOT spending over $1 trillion over ten years for six years of [...]

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To McCain-Palin: “I’m Mad!”

October 9, 2008

At a joint town hall appearance today in Wisconsin, John McCain and Sarah Palin got a dose of the folk’s frustration, not just with the economy, but with the Republican ticket not stepping up their attacks on an obviously weak and potentially dangerous set of candidates.  One fellow got up and said the following: “I’m [...]

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Bush Speech Irks Obama, Dems

May 15, 2008

President Bush was giving a speech to the Israeli Knesset commemorating the 60th birthday of Israel.  One of the most traumatic events in the history of the Jews and an integral part of the history of the state of Israel was the Holocaust, which only happened because of the horrors of World War II.  That war [...]

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