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Palin vs. Letterman

June 11, 2009

Having an a**-crack-of-dawn teacher schedule I am usually in bed obnoxiously early and rarely catch the 10 o’clock news let alone the late night talk shows.  So the attacks by David Letterman on Willow Palin went completely under my radar and was muffled at the water cooler this week due to the Yankees-Red Sox/Phillies-Mets series’ taking place.  So, I [...]

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Market Rollercoaster — With Beer!

October 10, 2008

Word was going around after lunch today that the market took another nosedive and was getting even worse.  As the day ended, Friday drinks were in order, and since most of us had to be back to school for various anniversary celebrations, a short teacher “reflection” meeting at the local bar was appropriate. When we made it [...]

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