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Polish Communist Version of Monopoly

January 25, 2011

I’ve always been amazed at our Polish friends’ sense of history.  Back when I visited Gdansk in 2003, I went to the Solidarity Museum with a group of Poles and Americans.*  Inside was a room-sized exhibit set up as a Communist-era grocery store.  After taking in the sites of almost bare shelves and a beverage [...]

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Polish President Dies in Plane Crash

April 10, 2010

Talk about a political tragedy! Polish President Lech Kaczynski, as well as 95 other political and military leaders of Poland were killed today in a plane crash over Western Russia near Belarus today.  Among the dead were Poland’s Army Chief of Staff, national bank president, Deputy Foreign Minister, Army Chaplain, head of the National Security [...]

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Obama Sell-Out on Missile Defense

September 17, 2009

In Obama’s short political career he’s thrown Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Israel, Van Jones, Grandma, etc. under the bus to advance his political agenda — it’s a bumpy ride in the Obama Nation!  Well, today he’s thrown two more entire countries under the bus: Poland and the Czech Republic!  Obama and crew have decided to end American plans [...]

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To Obama: Is this 2009 or 1985?

July 7, 2009

A missile reduction treaty with the Soviet Union Russia?  With Iran on the verge of getting nukes, Eastern Europe fearing a return of Russian Imperialism and looking to America for support, with North Korea ready to ignite the planet, with heightened violence in Afghanistan, we’re reducing missiles with the Russians?  Huh?  Did I just step out of [...]

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Obama Czechs His Instinct on Missile Shield in Eastern Europe, at Least for Now

April 5, 2009

President Obama has announced that the United States will push forward with the planned missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.  However, Obama also reserved the right to change his mind in the event Iran no longer posed a threat. On the surface, Obama’s decision resembles a welcome departure from the mixed signals [...]

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Thus Begins the Era of Capitulation and Appeasement

January 28, 2009

We are entering a new era in American history, that of capitulation and appeasement.  President Barack Obama, in an effort to ensure that the world loves us, is giving in to dictators and thugs.  Because America is not supposed to “start by dictating,” Obama wants the world to know that the Freedom movement is dead, [...]

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A Hint of Obama’s Competency?

November 11, 2008

Obama ran a very effective and on-message campaign, but he is about to find that governing is much harder.  It seems in the last week, the Obama campaign can’t get their message straight.  Policy after policy, comment after comment, has been nuanced, toned down, or flat-out reversed.  Take, for example, the rapid take-down of the [...]

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Obama’s Impending International Crisis

November 5, 2008

Boy, that didn’t take long.  Obama gets elected President, and we are already seeing Vice-President Elect Joe Biden’s prediction of a pending international crisis coming true.  Russian President President Dmitry Medvedev announced today that Russia would be deploying missiles along the Polish boarder in response to our deployment of missile defense in Poland.  At the same [...]

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Dominoes Are So Last Century

August 14, 2008

There were discussions.  There were negotiations.  They lasted years.  For some reason, today is the day Donald Tusk agreed to allow American-made missile interceptors on Polish soil.  In exchange, the United States will provide assistance to Poland so that they can strengthen their military. The timing of today’s agreement is obviously anything but a coincidence. [...]

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