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Obama Has No Coattails

March 1, 2010

Longtime readers of Axis of Right will know that we are very picky when it comes to polling firms that we trust.  We base our analysis on polls not on just the fact that it is a new poll or a poll in our favor (we will usually avoid getting too excited about a CNN [...]

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Purple Is Trending Red in Virginia

October 11, 2009

Virginia has been described in recent years as a purple state trending blue.  In the last decade, the state has trended left in its statewide offices.  By 2008, the Governorship and both Senate seats had been lost to the Democrats in what had been at one time a reliable Red state.  The 2008 Presidential election [...]

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Rasmussen Poll Shows Trouble for Obama Re-Election

July 20, 2009

Rasmussen Reports, one of the country’s most accurate pollsters in the last two presidential elections, has released a poll regarding the 2012 Presidential election.  According to Rasmussen, Barack Obama would be in big trouble if the election were held today.  In two hypothetical matchups, Obama leads Sarah Palin 48-42 and is in a dead heat [...]

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An Opportunity in Connecticut

February 10, 2009

Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd appears to be vulnerable.  Plagued by scandal, Dodd now has a 48% unfavorable rating in his home State, with only 41% approving of his job performance.  For an incumbent, this is bad news.  Dodd has not yet announced his intentions, but he is up for reelection in 2010.  With the right [...]

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Gallup The Shark

October 8, 2008

Some polls are scientifically valid.  Others are not.  At no time is that more obvious when the major polls not only show different numbers, but are also moving in different directions.  Earlier today, Sal gave us an excellent synopsis of both today’s tracking polls and their trends.  After his post, Gallup published its tracking poll [...]

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McCain’s Debate Win

September 27, 2008

Focus groups are a double edged sword. On the one hand, focus groups are more useful than properly-conducted polls because they allow us to explore the reasons behind people’s thoughts in greater depth than a properly-conducted poll does. On the flip side, the small sample size one gets in a focus groups makes them highly [...]

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What’s in a Poll?

September 25, 2008

The latest round of polls are out, and they are somewhat all over the map.  Polls currently range from McCain up by 1 (Battleground) to Obama ahead by 9 points (Washington Post), with most giving Obama a slight edge.  Looking at the poll averages over at RealClearPolitics, it is worth noting that mos of the [...]

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February 3, 2008

A week ago I was dejected that McCain was going to be the nominee of the Republican Party.  While I do have concerns over Romney, McCain has had the habit over the past 8 years of giving the finger to conservatives.  While Romney may be a gamble, I’d prefer a gamble to someone who has [...]

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It’s Not Over

January 24, 2008

The media would have you believed that the Republican nomination is all-but over, and John McCain is the nominee.  What this is is more of a case of the media hoping that their protege Republican will get the nod based on his perceived strength against the Democrats and his inevitability, much in the same way [...]

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