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Pope Benedict XVI

Sts. John and John Paul

April 27, 2014

Today witnessed a historic canonization ceremony in which two former popes, John XXIII (1958-1963) and John Paul II (1978-2005), were canonized as saints with two living popes, Pope Francis and the retired Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013), on hand.  Here is a clip from the canonization ceremony at the Vatican earlier today: Pope John XXIII is [...]

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Pope Benedict Resigns

February 11, 2013

At 5:30am there are some news alerts one is ready for at that hour — a natural disaster, some national security issue — and others you don’t see coming. So, when news came that Pope Benedict XVI is going to resign the papacy at 8pm on February 28, I was truly completely shocked.  This marks [...]

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The Blessed John Paul II

May 1, 2011

This morning (or this afternoon in Rome) the late Pope John Paul II was officially beatified by Pope Benedict XVI.  Beatification is the final step before sainthood in the Catholic Church.  The “Blessed John Paul” needs another miracle attributed to his intercession in order to finally be canonized a saint. JPII’s contribution to growing the [...]

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Looking Critically at the Attacks on the Pope

April 13, 2010

There have been many attacks on Pope Benedict as of late in regards to his alleged handling of clergy sexual abuse cases during his tenure as prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  Atheists around the world, intent on destroying the Church, are calling for his resignation, or in some quarters his [...]

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Archbishop of Canterbury Echoes Pope on Women in the Priesthood

November 20, 2009

Well, sort of. The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches have not reached an agreement on the issue of whether women can serve in the Priesthood. They agree on the effect the issue has on unity between the Catholic and Anglican churches. Today’s Times of London has an article portraying Sharia Law supporter and Archbishop of [...]

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Pope Benedict XVI Praises Pope Pius XII

October 9, 2008

Earlier today, Pope Benedict XVI expressed support for the beatification of Pope Pius XII. This is raising eyebrows in some media circles. After all, Pope Pius XII has been the frequent target of Church opponents, like John Cornwell, who claim that he did not do enough to protect Jews during the Holocaust. This is false. [...]

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How To Defend The Culture of Death: Call It Art

April 22, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI was 100 percent correct when he recently stood up for the sanctity of every human life, born and unborn, during the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium.  Any society that can cavalierly destroy God’s precious gift is contrary to our nature, and as such, a society that fails to respect human life is [...]

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Pope Benedict at Ground Zero

April 20, 2008

The Pope visited Ground Zero this morning to say a prayer, light a candle and meet with some of the victim’s families.  Later, Benedict will be giving a much anticipated mass at Yankee Stadium at around 2:30pm EDT.  One could tell that this gesture was deeply felt by Benedict and others with whom he met that were affected by this [...]

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