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Pope Benedict Resigns

February 11, 2013

At 5:30am there are some news alerts one is ready for at that hour — a natural disaster, some national security issue — and others you don’t see coming. So, when news came that Pope Benedict XVI is going to resign the papacy at 8pm on February 28, I was truly completely shocked.  This marks [...]

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The Blessed John Paul II

May 1, 2011

This morning (or this afternoon in Rome) the late Pope John Paul II was officially beatified by Pope Benedict XVI.  Beatification is the final step before sainthood in the Catholic Church.  The “Blessed John Paul” needs another miracle attributed to his intercession in order to finally be canonized a saint. JPII’s contribution to growing the [...]

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Archbishop of Canterbury Echoes Pope on Women in the Priesthood

November 20, 2009

Well, sort of. The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches have not reached an agreement on the issue of whether women can serve in the Priesthood. They agree on the effect the issue has on unity between the Catholic and Anglican churches. Today’s Times of London has an article portraying Sharia Law supporter and Archbishop of [...]

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