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Porkulus Bill

Porkulus Bill: $595,600 per Pound

July 19, 2009

We now know what the unit price is for government pork., which is the site that supposedly was built to make the expenditures of the Porkulus bill transparent, has posted an entry for a contract worth $1,191,200.  What was the contract for?  According to the site, that sum was awarded to Clougherty Packaging, LLC [...]

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GOP Stimulus Ad Makes The Point

July 9, 2009

With Obama’s approval ratings now hovering at about 50% and the economy continuing to flounder, the Republicans have a real opportunity to score some political points.  As pointed out previously, the first stimulus package is a complete disaster, and Democrats are worried, so much so that they are considering a second stimulus.  Well, the GOP [...]

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Republican Resurgence

April 30, 2009

The defection of Arlen Specter has been touted as the death-knell of the Republican party, a sign that the party has become a regional, exclusive party with no room for dissent.  While the conventional wisdom looks at the GOP as being down, and polls show the GOP’s continued irrelevance, there are signs of a GOP [...]

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Cutting Spare Change from the Federal Budget

April 20, 2009

In what is nothing more than a PR stunt, Obama is meeting with his cabinet for the first time today to ask them to cut, collectively, $100 million from the Federal Budget.  That’s right, $100 million.  Not $1 billion, not $10 billion, not $100 billion, not $1 trillion.  With the spending that has gone on [...]

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Beck Uses the “S”-Word

February 5, 2009

The Glenn Beck Show on Fox News at 5pm EST has only been on about three weeks, and I’m completely hooked.   Some have picked on Conservatives for using the dreaded ”S”-word (socialism) with such reckless abandon after we became an Obama Nation last November.  I understand the trepidation those of us who actually listened to Obama’s [...]

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