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Prime Minister’s Questions

President’s Questions?

February 3, 2010

After Obama’s Q&A with the Republican Congressional caucus last Friday, people as diverse as Markos Moulitsas and Ed Morrissey are calling for a regular Q&A type session, similar to the British Parliament’s Prime Minister’s Questions.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  On the one hand, it would give the opportunity for the President [...]

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British Political Theater: William Hague Mocks Harriet Harman

March 4, 2009

With the Conservatives consistently leading in the polls, political intrigue is at a fever pitch in the British Labour Party.  As recently as this week, there were reports that the relationship between Gordon Brown and Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman (think Hillary Clinton without the people skills) has deteriorated to the point where Brown is [...]

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Harman vs. Hague: Pre-Thatcher Talking Point Thirty Years Too Late

April 13, 2008

One classic line of attack from the liberal playbook is the false charge that conservatives are threatened by powerful women. You’d think conservative admiration for powerful women such as Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and Condoleezza Rice would have dispelled this notion, but facts never got in the way of a good liberal talking point before [...]

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