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The CDC Thinks You Drink Too Much

January 10, 2012

You’d think that big bureaucratic monoliths wouldn’t mind a sauced populace to keep the people’s mind off of big bureaucratic monoliths, but the CDC is different — it cares about you.  Their latest report shows that American’s drink way too much.  Shocker, I know! We here in America don’t really half-ass things like drinking.  If [...]

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Repeal Day’s 75!

December 6, 2008

75 years ago yesterday, Americans in their infinite wisdom repealed the Eighteenth Amendment ban on alcohol.  Some came to call the anniversary of December 5, 1933, “Repeal Day” so that we could celebrate the joys of being able to celebrate more fully in a free society! The 18th Amendment was the only Constitutional Amendment in [...]

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InBev to Buy Anheuser-Busch

July 14, 2008

The Belgian brewing company InBev is going to buy Anheuser-Busch for $52 million.  While many details are still being negotiated, the deal will probably become reality.  If that is the case then, in my opinion there are two different ways of looking at this: 1.  This is a dark day for America.  As the Belgians buy-out the largest beer [...]

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