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Detroit is Eligible for Bankruptcy

December 3, 2013

A judge ruled today that Detroit can file for bankruptcy to deal with its enormous fiscal woes.  A Chapter 9 bankruptcy gives some protection from a city’s creditors by renegotiating the plan to pay back that debt… debt which currently hovers around $18 billion owed to over 100,000 creditors! Part of the city’s obligations are [...]

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Wisconsin Democrats Whining about Voter Suppression

June 5, 2012

I seriously could have posted this story last night — frightened Dems are so predictable.  Which will it be:  voter fraud?  racism?  Diebold at it again?  Dick Cheney’s weather machine?  Ah, how about voter suppression! Some Wisconsin Dems are saying that pro-Walker factions are allegedly telling people who signed the recall petition that they can’t [...]

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Wisconsin GOP Survives Recall

August 10, 2011

With ire in their eyes after Scott Walker’s budget repair reform earlier this year, local Wisconsin along with national union stooges set their sights on the only avenue they had left:  recalling select weak state GOP representatives in hopes of taking back the Wisconsin state senate to undo Walker’s agenda. It didn’t work.  As of [...]

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NJ Unions: “Adolf Christie” Poised for Destruction!

June 17, 2011

God, even the union shills I work with were embarrassed by this one: “Adolf” Christie?  Really? Are they serious?  Unfortunately, they are.  Some of the changes possibly coming to New Jersey state employees aren’t pretty compared to what we’re used to.  But, shouldn’t libs love the concept of “shared sacrifice” in tough economic times?  Sure, [...]

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Wisconsin Senate Repubicans Finally Pass the Bill

March 10, 2011

Last night, Wisconsin Senate Republicans cleverly severed then passed that controversial budget-repair bill.  Predictably, the unions aren’t happy, especially since the protesters were asked to leave the Capitol!  That’s the problem when restless kiddies don’t have adult supervision. The Senate Dems on hiatus were also upset.  One Senator made this point: “It’s a charade. It’s [...]

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Elevating the Discourse — Union-Style

February 28, 2011

When the Tea Party decided to counter-protest the union demonstrations around the nation these past few weeks, the unions (predictably) didn’t like it.  The Tea Party’s been great at exposing one of the Left’s fatal flaws — that the Left simply hasn’t gotten a handle on the amount of damage YouTube can do to their [...]

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Paul Ryan on the “Fleebagger” Phenomenon

February 25, 2011

If you haven’t heard, the Wisconsin and Indiana legislators who have fled their respective states so that a vote on the budget with which they disagree have become known as “fleebaggers” by the right-wing blogosphere.  While calling them the “Fugitive 14″ in Wisconsin is more p.c., I like the obvious play on the Left’s “teabagger” [...]

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Ditch Daniels?

February 23, 2011

Fresh off of an excellent CPAC speech just a few weeks ago, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels seems to have caved on Indiana’s right-to-work legislation at perhaps the worst possible time.  Unfortunately, in heated times nuance often gets lost.  Politicians need to understand that, especially those who have 2012 Presidential buzz surrounding them. Daniels doesn’t like [...]

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Unions Strike Back, Dems Take Sides

February 22, 2011

We all know that through their proxies in the Democrat Party the public employee unions have halted legislative action in Wisconsin.  But now Indiana can’t move similar legislation either!  In both cases, a specific number of Democrat legislators have literally fled their respective states to those controlled by Democrat governors to postpone their inevitable fetching [...]

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Where are all the Dems in Madison?

February 17, 2011

As the union crisis grows in Madison, Wisconsin, another development bears watching:  all 14 Democrats in the Wisconsin state legislature have left the state in a procedural move to prevent the public employee benefit reform vote from even taking place!  Some of the more obnoxious protesters and their supporters have compared Governor Walker to Hosni [...]

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Union Showdown in Wisconsin

February 17, 2011

Like many other states around the nation getting serious about their long-term fiscal solvency, Wisconsin is on the verge of making profound changes to their state and municipal worker health and pension benefit system.  Like New Jersey, the teacher unions are getting the most attention because they can cause the most immediate and widespread disruption.  [...]

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